World Trade Center Poznań provides services in the field of broadly understood cleaning. We have many years of experience in taking care of the cleanliness of office, warehouse and conference areas.

Maintaining hygiene in offices, state institutions, production plants, means of transport and medical facilities.

In the era of the epidemiological threat from the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus, in order to meet all preventive measures, we offer you:

  • A modern, professional and extremely effective room disinfection service using the method of fogging with the use of hydrogen peroxide and silver cations. Our devices and the means used guarantee virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, yeasticidal and sporicidal activity confirmed by tests.
  • Professional and 100% ecological (without the use of chemicals) cleaning and disinfection with steam, guaranteeing high effectiveness in combating multi-drug resistant bacteria.
  • Spraying the surface with a mist of an agent charged with a positive electric charge (electrostatic disinfection)

Effective disinfection Poznań

Only a comprehensive disinfection will keep the workplace, office, and industrial hall clean. In times where we have to take care of hygiene in a special way, it is disinfection that will help to ensure perfect cleanliness of the interior. WTC is a comprehensive disinfection of Poznań. In our work, we use several proven disinfection methods that ensure the best results. We often use the fogging method, which uses hydrogen peroxide and silver cations. These agents, together with our modern devices, used in disinfection, fight viruses, fungi, bacteria and yeasts. This method is effective and at the same time safe. In turn, steam cleaning is fully ecological, helps to fight multi-drug-resistant bacteria. We also offer disinfection by spraying the surface. For this purpose, we use a special agent that is charged with a positive electric charge. This method is otherwise known as electrostatic disinfection. We select the disinfection method depending on the needs of a given facility and customer preferences. We are a team of professionals who have been specializing in this type of activity for many years. We know how to carry out individual works to obtain optimal disinfection results. By choosing WTC, you can be sure that every space will be immaculately clean and virus-free.

Office disinfection Poznań - take care of your workplace

The WTC offer is not only disinfection of offices in Poznań. In addition to office spaces, we also disinfect private houses and apartments, state institutions, medical facilities, production plants, as well as means of transport. Almost everyone can use our services. We operate both for individual clients and for companies and entrepreneurs. Every workplace should be clean and safe. This is an expression of care for the health of employees. So if you run a company and you care about maintaining optimal cleanliness in your rooms, please contact us. We will prepare an individual offer, choose the appropriate disinfection method. We also operate in apartments and private houses. Disinfection is the best solution for maintaining perfect hygiene throughout the home. In addition, we also deal with debugging. Unfortunately, bed bugs are a huge problem in many homes, no matter how tidy they are. Bug removal plus disinfection will restore perfect cleanliness in every room.

Disinfection of buildings Poznań

WTC Poznań offers not only disinfection of offices, but also of entire buildings. Our services are adapted to the restrictive requirements related to the current pandemic reality. We effectively disinfect buildings in Poznań, preventing the spread of bacteria, fungi and viruses, including the COVID-19 virus. We use the most modern methods that guarantee maximum success. The disinfection of Poznań buildings we offer covers both public and private facilities. Everyone can take advantage of our comprehensive services. Thanks to many years of experience in the industry, we guarantee a comprehensive approach and reliable cleaning of all surfaces while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Bet on efficient and effective disinfection of buildings in Poznań today. Choose an experienced contractor, which is undoubtedly WTC Poznań, and enjoy the best effects of our activities. Thanks to us, all bacteria, viruses and fungi will disappear from your environment quickly and effectively.

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