Disinfection and deratization


World Trade Center Poznań provides services in the field of broadly understood cleaning. We have many years of experience in taking care of the cleanliness of office, warehouse and conference areas.

We offer you a modern, professional and extremely effective service to combat flying and crawling insects and mites, including mosquitoes, wasps, flies, cockroaches, cockroaches, scabies and mites.

Using the fogging method, we reach all hard-to-reach places, and through the use of the latest insecticide containing, among others, natural pyrethrin and permethrin act directly on the nervous system of insects, ensuring exceptional effectiveness and long-term protection in the future.

Disinfestation and deratization of Poznań office buildings and warehouses

All kinds of insects can really make life miserable. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that their presence in the workplace reduces the efficiency of employees. Fighting insects on your own rarely brings the expected results. Therefore, it is worth entrusting this task to professionals. We have been dealing with disinfestation and deratization in Poznań for years. We know how to get rid of pests quickly and effectively. We will also be happy to restore the balance in your area.

Disinfection of private houses in Poznań

The invasion of pharaoh ants or cockroaches, however, does not only concern large office or warehouse spaces. This problem also often arises in private homes. We will also help you deal with this inconvenience. We approach the disinfestation of Poznań houses diligently, restoring a peaceful sleep to their inhabitants. Delaying contacting us and fighting pests on your own will unnecessarily extend the time uninvited guests stay in your homes. We will help you get rid of them once and for all.

Disinfection of office spaces in Poznań

The outbreak of a global pandemic surprised millions of people around the world, not only in the private but also in the public sphere. Today, we are all richer for the experiences related to this difficult period in the history of mankind, and each of us has learned a life lesson from them. The issue of broadly understood hygiene is as important to us as it is to you. We will approach the demanding task of disinfecting office spaces in Poznań with full responsibility. We will effectively disinfect all surfaces where mites, bacteria and viruses can accumulate.

We are at your disposal at a convenient time. For our part, we recommend that you do not delay ordering this type of service and repeat it regularly if possible. It is also important to sensitize all employees to keeping clean on their own, primarily by washing their hands frequently. Disinfection of Poznań rooms is the basis of hygiene, but its full effect will be best noticeable in conjunction with the conscious use of the office by each of the people employed in a given place.

Fogging - one of the most effective methods of surface decontamination

At the World Trade Center, we are making progress in every field. That is why we offer our clients innovative disinfection methods, the effectiveness of which has been proven many times. So that you are not afraid of an insufficiently clean environment during your work, we offer, among other things, fogging in Poznań. This extremely effective method allows for efficient and even disinfection of every square centimeter in a given room. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure the safety of employees of offices, public benefit institutions or warehouses.

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