Members of the Management Board and management are people with extensive experience, well-grounded substantive knowledge and extensive, practical knowledge of the industry.

Lena Bretes-Dorożała


Since 2016, the President of the Management Board of World Trade Center Poznań sp. z o.o.

Previously, she worked in the media as: Director of TVP Poznań (9 years), where she learned how to manage huge budgets, earn money in business and manage human teams, Head of the "Wiadomości" Editorial Office at TVP-1, Head of the Journalism Editorial Office at TVP-1, publisher of "Wiadomości" , "In the spotlight", founder of the "TVP-3 Regionalna" channel.

She has been associated with the media since 1991, first Radio Merkury Poznań, then Radio Zet, Radio RMI FM, where she was the Editor-in-Chief. In 1998 associated with TVP.

Since 1998, he has also worked at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań as a senior lecturer. She appreciates working with young people who care to keep up to date with all the latest news, from technical, through the Internet and learning Polish newspeak. She loves working with people and for people.

A master of political science and journalism by education, she defended her thesis on: "International Codes of Journalistic Ethics", completed postgraduate studies in management, specialization in marketing and advertising. She is a mother, she has a daughter.

tel. +48 61 866 10 50 e-mail.